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Networking people and places to be a net that works

Our Mission and Desire is to create a community of relational networks in Laguna Beach that experience and express the love and power of God.

Join Us Sunday Morning at Our New Location

Womans Club of Laguna Beach

10:00 a.m.

286 St. Ann’s Drive, Laguna Beach

Breakfast at 9:30 a.m.

Lunch at the White House

“A christmas Meal with our Homeless Friends”

Good Food – Good Friends – Good Music
Good Time Together

Monday, December 22
12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.


White House Restaurant
340 S. Coast Hwy., Laguna Beach


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Don & Karen Sciortino

A letter from Pastor Don

November 3, 2014

We are excited to share this year-end report with you about Net-Works Laguna Beach. Our reach and impact this year has been amazing!!! To date, we have been able to EXTEND the love and power of God both locally and internationally through outreach, community- based healing groups and the development of strategic partnerships that strengthen the compassionate delivery of care to those in our city and beyond.

Net-Works has been expressed through our city in many life changing ways. Broken hearts have been healed, hope has come to the hopeless, and many have found a community that loves them. We have seen many “invisible people become visible again&rdqou; as we have brought help and love to them. Our services have created an important life saving network of safety, love, and support where beneficiaries can discover and use their God-given gifts to start over and move towards healthy relationships, God-given purpose, and life calling! We have helped a number of homeless friends get work in the community and help them find shelter and permanent housing.

AND, we have grown tremendously, despite the great needs of our community. Net-Works currently provides an average of 50 – 60 group sessions a month!

I want you to meet Rick. I ran across Rick who was homeless, and invited him to perform at our Laguna Beach Street Artists Festival. I could see that Rick had a gentle heart, and needed some help since he had a past brain injury. Shortly after, I asked him if he could sing the well-known song, Amazing Grace at our Sunday gathering. He said “yes.” He showed up and sang, then RENEWED his commitment to Christ that Sunday… Rick surrendered and asked God for help. He cried out to Him saying, “I would like to see my sisters. I have not seen them in over 20 years.” Then, God gave Rick a vision of 2 women. That week in town, he ran across the 2 women in his vision and he approached them. “Who are you?” they asked. “I am your brother.” Recently, Rick was reunited with a third sister as she visited on a Sunday for the first time. Amazing! Net-Works also helped Rick get off the streets and into his own apartment, but more importantly, Rick’s whole family has been re-united and have come to Net-Works to receive all that God has for them!

There is more HOPE on the horizon. Our vision is to develop and implement Laguna Exchange, a retail store that will generate money and enable us to start training, recovery, work programs for the homeless, groups for youth dealing with addiction, and people living with mental illness this next year. Quoting our dear friend and board member Bruce, “Laguna exchange is about the Great Exchange - exchanging loss of life for a life of purpose”,. The Laguna Exchange will center on collaboration to accomplish increased community outcomes. This will be done through the development of a Public/Private partnership within the City of Laguna Beach that will be leveraged to extend the reach and mission of Net-Works in our area.

But, we need your HELP! Together, we can create a community of relational networks where people can experience and express the love of God!

Would you make a year-end donation to Net-Works? We are a 501 c3 which will allow you a tax deduction for your gift. Your investment will pay dividends for years to come. Please, partner with us, TODAY!

Peace to you and yours,


Pastor Don Sciortino
President & CEO

Rebecca Faubion installed as Associate Pastor
Photos by FayesCapturedMoments.com